Family Pack Bike ID Kit


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BIKE ID KIT + is an advanced bike identity system providing over 1000 points of OVERT, COVERT, STEALTH, INVISIBLE and DIGITAL identification and protection to your entire bike……plus:

  • Lifetime free registration on (1)
  • Theft Recovery Support if bike is stolen (1).


BIKE ID KIT+ FAMILY PACK Includes 4 individual ID KIT’s each containing:

  • DATADOT TECHNOLOGY –  1,000 tiny – 0.5mm in diameter unique coded polymer microdots, applied with a clear drying proprietary adhesive containing DataTraceID and a UV marker, providing stealth identification to your whole bike.
  • BULLSEYES – 20 x removable Bullseye Marking Rings labels for accurate microdot placement and photo recording.
  • BIKE ID SECURITY LABELS (1) – Tamper evident security labels with a special fluorescent adhesive designed to leave a UV footprint in painted/clear coat surfaces.  Label set includes:
    • 1 x QR ID label with Ghost ID providing quick scan bike status – SAFE, STOLEN or FOR SALE on the platform (when registered) and stealth identification when the label is removed.
    • 8 x Mini ID labels for covert ID placement.
  • BikeVAULT SHIELD – 1 x Brushed chrome shield label alerting thieves that your bike is protected by BikeVAULT.
    • Lifetime free registration on
    • Theft support if bike is stolen.

(1) UV footprint and Ghost ID will not perform on all surfaces.  (2)

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