Vic Pol Personalised Heirloom Bear (exclusively for Vic Pol Members)


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A new order for this product has been placed but will be some time before they arrive from overseas. Police members and/or their families can lodge a backorder by email to and we will contact you just a ahead of the shipment’s arrival to complete your order details and payment.

Please allow  up to 14 days for your personalised Bear to be ready for shipment .

Orders for these Bears need to be done separately to other items you may wish to also purchase.

The Vic Pol Heirloom Bear will be personalised with your registered number on the hat badge, your name and rank on the name tag and your rank insignia on the shoulders of the uniform. For Vic Pol members that are promoted and need new epaulettes for your Bear, these can be ordered separately and easily fitted to your Bear.

This Bear is exclusively available to new recruits, current and veteran (retired) Victoria Police Members and their family members. To purchase this product but will need to know the mandatory details below.

Constable T Bear is 41cm high and comes gift boxed.

** Important information – please read

This item is only available to current and veteran (retired) Victoria Police sworn members and  their families;

At the checkout you need to provide the following details :

– Vic Pol members name

– Vic Pol Registered Number and rank

** Please note that without these details the order cannot be placed and the Foundation is not able to provide these details





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